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  • Scott Hansen

INSAFEDARE Project Launch

The INSAFEDARE consortium partners organised the first meeting of all project partners on 7-8 December hosted by the The Open Group in Brussels. Each of the research and development partners introduced the background technologies they bring to the project for addressing data sets and synthetic data generation for medical systems, followed by industry partners describing their expertise in legal, certification and regulatory standards and certification practices. The meeting also addressed the planning of the first deliverables focused on analysing machine learning methods for producing synthetic datasets, classification of digital health applications and associated data types, and an initial analysis of gaps in current standards and regulatory guidelines with respect to utilising large data sets and synthetic data. The project will run for three years and in addition to the technologies and tools that will be developed, specific guidance will also be provided for updating current EU regulations and compliance procedures for medical systems to better utilise advances in large medical data sets and synthetic data.


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